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Complete Plant with Cotton conveying System

(1) cotton ginning Plant machinery

  • Unique Raw cotton feeding control system.
  • Pre-cleaner machine/Raw cotton cleaner machine.
  • Raw cotton conveying system through Belt conveyor.
  • Each D.R. gin machine cotton feeding system through
    —>  Belt conveyor
    —>  Screw Conveyor
    —>  Trolley conveyor.
  • Double Roller gin machine.
  • cotton seed conveying system through screw conveyor & Bucket elevator.
  • Lint (fiber) cotton conveying system through Pneumatic/Belt .
  • Lint (fiber) cleaner machine.
  • Lint (fiber) cotton conveying system through belt  for Bale press feeding.
  • Humidification system for lint cotton.
  • Hydraulic Baling press machine  Single Box/Double Box.
  • G.I. Bale tie wire supplier.

(2) Acid delinting machine  used for seed planting purpose.

  • acid delinting machine for cotton seed planting purpose.

(3) Cotton seed Brush delinting machine for cattle feed use.

  • Cotton seed brush delinting machine for cattle feed.

(4) Surgical cotton/Absorbent cotton/Bleach cotton making plant.

  • cotton cleaning line (seed, stone, bolt nut separator).
  • pneumatic cotton conveying system.
  • cotton cake maker machine.
  • Keir machine/ cotton bleaching machine.
  • Cake conveyor system through Hoist crane.
  • Cake cutter/wet cotton opener machine.
  • Hopper feeder to conveyor drier.
  • bleach cotton drier.
    —> Batch type drier.
    —> Continuous conveyor drier.
  • Criton mixer machine.
  • Blow room machine.
  • Carding machine.
  • Roll making machine.
  • Roll cutting machine.
  • Packing machine.